Dimensions: 48" x 30"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Frame and canvas found in the trash

Progress - Completed on 5/27/05
This painting took me 4 months to complete.

This painting encompasses four previous paintings: Gone Fishin, Life Goes On, Entrepreneur Race, and Bus Driver and how these paintings represent my life now.

'Gone Fishin' is represented on the right side of the painting. Since I no longer need an employer, the boat is sinking and the chest of money is empty. No longer does money hold such a high regard as it did when I was younger.

'Life Goes On' is represented beside the boat. The island is sinking presenting that I can deal with the losses. Although their eyes can still watch over me as the periscopes looms behind. The fence is now broken and falling into my deep emotional abyss. No longer will this fence hold me back. The little flower next to Ceally's tombstone is their because of her making me that when she was a live. It was the only at piece she ever made for me.

'Entrepreneur's Race' and 'Bus Driver' are in the same scene on the left side. John is sitting in my basket which he kicked me out of. He is pointing back at me because the more he lied about things the more he lost. The clients (balloons) are all loosing their confidence in John and his company's abilities. John has cut off Kristin, Cynthia, and Stacey because he was willing to do whatever it took to save his own neck. The sharks at first coming after me are now going for John.

I am the person standing in the middle of the painting. My first pose shows my immediate shock after loosing 2think. The fact that I had only $23.18 in my bank account. The second pose is me going back to my origins, getting deep into my emotions and remembering that I've been through much more difficult things and can definitely handle this. Notice the smile on my face. The third and final pose is my left hand clenched. This is because I usually fight south paw and it is at this point that I am back enjoying what I like to do most. In deep with my work and the ones I love.

The storm clouds on both sides represent as they have with my other works. But the difference here is that I saw problems arising and decided to go perpendicular to the forecast. And the buoy represents that no matter how deep things may seem, they are almost never that deep. And that you need to stay focused.

The magic carpet represents that fact that my dreams are coming true! That after loosing 2think is when my career really started. The golden lamp in the painting is my business partner Yao. I believe that telling her my dreams (rubbing the lamp) will inspire her to help me make them come true.