Bus Driver - Completed sometime in 2000
This painting took me 5 months to create.

Based on my first business venture 2think. What baffles me about this painting is the undertow that I was unaware of after the fact of what my partners had done to me. The bus represents the office that we had. The people in the bus represent the partners: starting from the driver, John B (who subsequently had his business title as Bus Driver which gave me the idea of the painting) is depicted as he was during the course of the day. Out of control with his own personal life and trying to be a business man. Fabian D. who could not stand John and wanted out but remained a loyal friend to Tom and myself, Kristin M. (intently thinking on how to get as much money as she could) is wearing her blue shoes that were really cool and also has the magazine Fast Company opened on her lap featuring the article they wrote about her, Tom G. reaching back to me because of John picking on him wanting to get out of 2think, and myself blowing spit balls. 2think was a dream come true and everyday I was their I thought I could do whatever I wanted and still be respected by everyone. On the wheels of the bus are the names of the clients that supported us and kept us moving. The names on the bumpers are those that had tried hurting us. The name on the seats in the bus is Andrew Hoppin, the man who but us the seats for the office. The name on the turn signal is Peggy Berk, who acted as an insight into my little venture and who I confided in whenever a business decision came up.

The street signs are from Beach Street which where we started our first office onto Prince Street where the company ended. The subliminal message with this painting is that the bus is going downhill. Hence why the company was failing. I never knew or could envision 2think ending. I was sadly mistaken.


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Dimensions: 96" x 60"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Frame found in the trash