Dimensions: 35" x 50" x 4"
Medium: Acrylic on Table Linen, Futon bed frame used as frame

Ice Cream Man - Completed on 8/02/07

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Based on of my 'Bus Driver' painting. This painting shows my personal relationship with the friends and professional relationship with clients.

I am the Ice Cream Man serving my different flavors (styles) to all the eager children (clients) wanting to be cool. With the toys scattered about, the children frantically try to get to the Ice Cream Man. We all remember those days.

Each child represents a client, each with a distinct feature to signify their trade. Most of the children are happy because we were able to play/work nice together. Others are shown with melting or dropped ice cream. My Mom always said, "You can't play with everybody". On either side of the painting are Dora the Explorer and a young boy on a tricycle. They represent the two companies that had offices on either side of us. The magic lamp represents Yao, still making the dreams come true.