Joseph Kilrain - Fine / Graphic \ Martial Artist

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Narrative biography

Born and raised in South Philly, Joey Kilrain's artistic style evolves as a product of his ongoing life lessons. He integrates traditional media such as acrylic, pen & ink, papier mâché with mobile & web technologies. He cut his teeth at Art Institute of Philadelphia and SVA. His work has been exhibited in New York City at Ward Nasse, Church of St. Paul the Apostle, ArtBreak Gallery, Governors Island, Art Gotham, Haven Arts. His work has been published in Adobe's Web Design Journal, Village Voice, and New York Magazine.

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Artist's statement:

My soul has withstood many trials which has allowed for memory and mind to collaborate with many different media.

My inspiration comes from the trials my eyes have had to witness and my soul to confront. During the creative process, I relive the emotions that lie within my mind. Art acts as a catalyst by easing the thoughts of mayhem and producing a sense of healing.

As an artist, my work consists of snapshots of my life in various media. Such images emanating from both my memory and psyche are captured in acrylics, pens & ink and papier mâché

Download Biography & Statement