Dimensions: 34" x 28"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Old Window frame used as frame

Gone Fishin - Completed on 7/18/99
This painting took me 3 months to complete.

This work represents how I felt when I first came to New York City looking for a job. I would spend hours walking around the city checking my voice mail periodically to see if an interview would be possible at any agency. Walking the streets of NYC was great! Not only did I see different walks of life but I also got the idea for Gone Fishin.

I felt as if I was a small fish in the BIG sea of opportunity that NYC has to offer. I could see all the people 'swimming' around with the same goals as I. And all of the employers had cast their lines, looking to catch the best fish. Money was the bait on the lure. But, I could feel the undertow of New York's business deals going down. And the people getting screwed in bad business deals.

The employer is featured in the green shirt. And he is in the boat called 'Employer' and rightfully so! The employer has a chest full of money for use of bait. The clear blue skies represent the attitude of New York at that time.


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