Dimensions: 31" x 24"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Old Window frame used as frame

Entrepreneur's Race - Completed on 5/3/98
This painting took me 2 months to complete.

After being in New York for one year I realized that I too could start my own business. And at 23 years old I did just that setting off on a journey that I had no idea what I was getting into.

This painting has the same spin as the 'Gone Fishin' painting. The big sea, bright blue skies, but with this I've also added some of the unforeseen problems that can come up in life.

There are 3 people in the painting, the far left is the person who makes the mistakes in life because of being greedy and deceitful. The next is the person watching the other make the mistakes and realizing not to do the same thing. And the last is the competition, always following the leader.

The hot air balloons represent companies. Their ideas are the balloons themselves, keeping them afloat over the sea. Some ideas are stronger than others. Each person in the basket represents the boss. And the boss is always looking for the next big client. On the baskets are 'little people' which play two roles. Little because that is how corporate america views them but also because they act as weights (financial burdens) for the basket (company). If for some reason the company starts to descend, they get cut off and the company can float high again. And in the baskets are arrows. These are thrown at other ideas of competitors to 'bust their bubble!'.

With the character on the left, he is going down because of his greed. His ideas are all losing their air, proving that they had no real back bone. The sharks represent the lawyers and creditors coming to take back what is theirs and the rights of others.

Between the middle and far right painting are storm clouds. These represent the slowing of the economy. Most of the time, no one sees it coming until it is too late. But like all true entrepreneurs, you need to weather every storm to be truly successful!