Dimensions: 63" x 44"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Painting before I painted 'Later Haters' over it

Later Haters - Completed on 12/19/05
This painting took me 1 1/2 months to complete.

Fuck you Scott! I caught you! You bastard! I can't believe you would take advantage of me while I was mourning the death of my brother. That you would steal from me! All that I did -- I made you meals when you were hungry, I gave you a place to relax when you were tired, I even put my neck on the line and invited you into my world of friends and spoke highly of you. You're a pussy.

This was the final painting that I created with Scott from WilKil Art . Originally it was suppose to be 'The war of art' (see below). The painting's concept was to have people from different eras fighting one another. We had aircraft carriers fighting viking ships, submarines firing war heads against alien space crafts, vietnam helicopters shooting at raging american indians, and others. We were about 25% finished when my brother Robert committed suicide and left me in total despair. I was struggling to get back on my feet emotionally and spiritually -- I was vulnerable. It was at this time that Scott broke into my apartment with a key I mistakenly left out to my front door and stole from me. In a fit of rage, I decided to paint over our work depicting what Scott's fate would be.

The tidal wave represents the people that are with me. Their names are written in the waves. These are some of the people that helped me get to where I am. I sampled the magic carpet and lamp from the 'Progress' painting. The person on the magic carpet is me. The carpet represents my present business venture Gigapixel Creative. The magic lap is my business partner Yao. I believe she is the genie in the lamp. You rub her the right way and your dreams can come true. The person screaming is Scott -- from his jealousy. Floating around him is the $800 he stole (each bill presents one of the eight $100 bills taken), the digital camera, black portfolio bag, and laptop. On the screen of the laptop is the Gallery page for the Alicia's Key Fan Club website that Scott and I worked on together. I always thought he was mad that his idea got axed. The war ship on the far left was from the original painting. I wanted something to show that I painted over Scott's work and thought that this ship would be best to keep. The brown hand is Bill Lee flipping me 'the finger' because he's mad that I asked him to leave the WilKil Art Group. The periscopes (sampled from 'Life Goes On') represent the people who watched over me -- my saints. The man hanging from the hot air balloon (sampled from 'Entrepreneur's Race') is my ex-partner. He called to apologize for all the wrong he did to me from 4 years ago. He also told me that he was getting out of advertising, which is why I have him hanging from the hot air balloon. The orange man floating is a freelancer that I recently asked to leave.