Dimensions: 25" x 61"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Old Window frame used as frame

Healed - Completed on 9/21/01
This painting took me 2 weeks to complete.

This was second of two paintings I created immediately after loosing 2think. In this painting the shoe is that of corporate America. It is dark like the background because I didn't see what was coming. That John B had gathered up his people and planned to eliminate me behind my back! The heel of the shoe is going directly into my back. I am wearing bright colored clothes because it is easy to spot someone shining when things are dark for others.

Fuck John, Kristen, and the haters!

The painting created before the 2think dilemma is called Fired Flies.

Other paintings inspired by the 2think saga; Fired Flies, Sleeping with one eye open, and 9th Precinct.