Dimensions: 24" x 36"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Canvas and frame found in the trash

Painting before I painted 9th Precinct over it

9th Precinct
Completed on 9/25/05
This painting took 1 1/2 months to complete

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Painting Description

'9th Precinct' and 'Healed' are paintings based on the sketches I made while detained at New York City's 9th Precinct.

The evening that I was kicked out of 2think, I went back to the office with a close friend (Peggy Berk) to see what my partners were hiding from me. I was able to access their emails and was so saddened to read all the notes they had on kicking me out of the business that I started with them! I could not stop crying as I read all the emails. Before leaving, I took the internal server and a few personal items and left. I could not sleep that evening. The following day, I decided to go back to my office building and hide in my friend's office. I figured the cops would not bother to look in the same building as my office. After waiting an hour and noticing a dozen unanswered calls on my cell phone, I decided to go to the office and confront my partners. It turned into a total disaster. John and Kristin both tried getting me arrested. They had security come after me and I had to flee the building. As I was running through the city, I thought it was best to go to the precinct that patrolled my area -- the 9th Precinct. It was here that I learned I already had a warrant of Grand Larceny out for my arrest, and that the police already had a description of me. My partners John B and Kristen Milburned had lied to the police about my character. What bastards! Upon entering the police station and introducing myself, Detective White had escorted me to a cell and had me wait there. I was not arrested. An hour later the detective and another man told me they wanted a statement from me. All I could do was draw. I sketched about a dozen images all based on how I felt. As I was drawing, I cried telling them how I can't believe my partners would do this to me. I was released from the station about 3 hours later. As I walked around the city feeling lost and hopeless, I thought things could not get any worse. Eleven days later reality would deliver an even more horrific event in my life -- September, 11 2001!

There is a saying from Mark Twain, A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. I could not have said it any better.

The figure in the painting is me, my eyes representing my present feelings of death and insanity. The hands are that of my partners and they are pouring their garbage (lies, hate, guilt, jealousy) into my head. That day they told me that, 'I was an evil person', 'I will never succeed as an artist', 'I should give up', and many other hateful things.

The paper airplane is the warrant the detective kept waving in my face and continued to repeat what my partners had said to me. If you look closely at the tip of the painting, you will see John's signature for my arrest.

On the desk I am sketching 'Healed', a painting that I would complete one month after losing 2think.

The room is nearly identical to where I sketched my statements. The window with the jail bars has a thunder cloud representing the storm I was going through despite the beautiful day outside.

Other paintings inspired by the 2think saga; Fired Flies, Sleeping with one eye open, and Healed.