Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Medium: Electronic Illustration

Turbulent Times - Completed on 2/11/03

Created using Illustrator 8, this work was intended for us in an ad for a magazine.

At the time this work was created, I was very upset do to the women that were in my life. The 3 swimming fish from left to right is, Susan Lee, Imelda Dewajani, Lisa Williams (she is catching the heart). The dead fish represents Ceally Carandang. The crab represents my ex-partner John B.

The fish have cups for tails shaped like hearts because they all wanted as much of my love as they could get. Lisa had most of my attention at this time in my life. I used Ceally in the painting because of a dream I had about her while creating this image.

I am tied to the aquarium because I was unable to leave these women. The hearts spinning violently in the jar represent my emotionally turbulent feelings.