Dimensions: 30" x 30"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Painting before I painted Pot Ol' Love over it

Pot Ol' Love
Completed on 12/28/06
This painting took 1 month to complete

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Painting Description

This painting expresses my feeling on the relationships with friends I've made during my 10 years in New York City. From all the countries and different venues I've been to, it is amazing how we meet the people that shape our lives. How we learn to love them for their positive and goofy sides. They are there for us when we are down and for when we are flying high.

Rainbows have a starting and ending point. New York City is the starting point. Because it has many rainbows with different colors and creeds that allow us all to partake in foreign affairs. By following my gut and traveling to foreign lands, I've found friends and family at the end of each rainbow. These people are worth more than their weight in gold.


The original painting was worked in conjunction with Scott Williams. But due to the deteriorated relationship I painted over it.