Dimensions: 64" x 34"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

The Weight - Completed sometime in 8/22/04

This was a forced painting. Bill wanted us to keep painting hip hop, to which both Scott and I didn't want to do. But we did it anyway. The outcome was a painting dominated by my style because Scott not wanting to create within this subject.

We were suppose to have 4 people in the painting (Alicia Keys, and Stephanye Wright) but due to our lack of enthusiasm we didn't plan the painting correctly. So we only painted myself and DJ Understanding. I met Understanding while studying Capoeira with Professor Abará. My first inklings of Understanding were warm and positive and I know that this man will go very far in whatever he puts his passion to. So we did the painting based on people going after their dreams. Understanding is wearing a Capoeira t-shirt that represents the group we play for. And Mestre Abará will soon be the title to my Professor (in my eyes he is already a master!) The hand is holding a clipboard denoting the people on the list that could hit fame. So the weight is on!