Dimensions: 96" x 60"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Back of painting

Hop Time Travel - Completed on 6/27/04

The first in the series of me painting with another artist. This painting talks about the past, present, and future of hip hop. On the right side you'll notice the old Gallerys, the old car in the background with the boy reaching under to get the ball (as I had to do so many times when I was younger). The man break dancing on the cardboard box, the basketball rim, the old hot dog trucks. On the right side shows people dancing in the future, with their fancy clothes, rocket-propelled shoes. Notice the ice-cream truck of the future. In the past we had to chase the ice cream man, but in the automated future the ice cream truck comes to us. The tree is also something to note, because it is a mechanical tree that purifies the air but also doubles as a fire hydrant! In the middle is where the past and present meet. Aliens and boy scouts all collaborate on news moves!

Originally intended to be a series based solely on Hip Hop, Scott and I decided that one was good enough and thought it be better if we put our twist on other situations in our world.

This was the first painting that I had ever created with another artist. It was an eerie feeling. This feeling because of my passion and level I expect of myself and knowing that 99% of the world does not have the same passion and level. When we started painting, Scott focused on the sky as I focused on the ground. When we completed our sections, there was a line going straight through the center of the painting. Neither one of us dared to paint on the others work. Once I noticed this, I took the initiative and began painting on Scott's side. I moved in on the simple things, like the stars in the sky. In an instant, Scott and I were both painting over each others work and it opened our world to the upcoming paintings!