Peaceful Compromise - Completed on 9/17/2011

Society has turned religion and the prophet's message into a violent ultimatum, 'Believe our prophet's message or else'.

My personal struggle with religion brought me to the realization that I am a spiritual fruit, not a religious nut.

In this work, I've combined various prophets and their passages for the simple fact that they all preach the same message. The subtle violent accents represent how society has twisted the message of these prophets into the violent ultimatum most of us know as an excuse for 'holy wars'.

Listen to the music created for Peaceful Compromise:

Special thanks to Peter Yip, Jerard Studios, Satoshi Kobayashi, Ben Wilson & Grant Beachy

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Dimensions: 3' wide, 3' tall
Mixed Media: Wire Mesh & Hanger, Custom paper, Lamp wiring, and Canvas