Dimensions: 25" x 61"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Refrigerator skid used as frame

Twilo - Completed on 1/26/98
This painting took me 7 months to complete.

This is based on my friends from Philadelphia and the club Twilo. At the time my friends were obsessed with Xctasy, 'X' and would love to go to the club and party all night. I've never done any sort of drugs in my life (without prescription of course) and I was fascinated by my friends urge for the drug. But I was also worried that someone would take advantage of them and insisted that I would and watch over them.

The people in the painting have dots in front of their eyes to represent the drugs they were using. The are all standing around drinking bottles of water and worshipping the huge altar of Speakers that the alien sits on. I chose the alien because one event at Twilo had a 10ft. alien walking around and I watched how all the people were mesmerized by it. He sits at the top of the altar, spinning the records and controlling the lights with his mind power. He controls everyone!