Dimensions: 50" x 40"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Frame found in the trash

Life (part one) - Completed on 10/13/04
This painting took me 5 years to complete.

This work represents how my career and life have criss-crossed the lives of every person in my life. How some people were on drugs, some people being held down by the system. Others that were having a great time and doing what they wanted to do. Others lost. And the very many people that have simply 'fallen-off' and totally gave up.

The conveyor belts represent a person's life/career. A life/career can be the same throughout a persons life, they can change and go to a different direction. At the end of some of the belts is a recycler which turns the person into a new individual. Similar to someone turning a new leaf.

You will see with each person on the belt is doing something. Which relates back to my first paragraph.

Sadly with this painting there is an erie undertow. You will see in the upper right corner, a person that has killed themselves with a gun. I created this person due to the fact of friends that have committed suicide in this manner. If I would have known less than a month later that my brother Robert would commit the same act I would not have done this. This was the second to the last person I created. The final person is on the far left, a small woman squeezing a house. Which is the girlfriend that my brother killed himself for. She was taking his Gallery from him in real life, and again, something I didn't know of until the dreadful of my brother's suicide on November 13, 2004.