Dimensions: 6 ' x 5 ' x 5 '
Mixed Media: Paper, Fishing Wire, Armature Wire, Oil Pastel, Pencil, Markers, Cotton

Leap of Faith
Completed on 9/6/10

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The 'Naked Measures' theme brought back memories of my past. Life seemed so daunting back then; peer pressures, college, gang violence, employment, family quarrels, and failing.

- How does one muster up the courage to go forward in life?

"...if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move'." - Matthew 17:20

With a flash of hope and a leap into faith I landed on self-confidence. I have used that as my guide in life ever since.

"Life is a wild roller coaster ride. Embrace and enjoy every peak and valley. The ride is far too short and you'll regret not taking a leap into faith."

Special thanks to Brendan Gerber and my beautiful bestest friend Lisa for pushing me to find new ways of self expression.

Yao-Hui Huang, Sebastien Park, and Andy P. Browne for their helpful insight.