Dimensions: 34 3/4 " x 31"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, Old Window frame used as frame

Fishing from the pier
Completed on 6/06/08

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Painting Description

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This painting took me 3 1/2 months to complete.

Based on stories from the business world, this painting symbolizes all of the married people cheating on their wives.

The power possessed by these men allow them to do as they may. Their money is bait attracting good and bad people. Most good people avoid the advances of their bosses. But the bad people are the crazed mermaids and mermen wanting power. They gladly accept and do as they are asked, providing pleasures for their powerful bosses.

As these men 'enjoy' themselves they ignore the jealousy and vengence of those they are cheating with. But once the boss needs to stop his wrong doings their now ex lovers become overly jealous. This sparks a fire of vengence that goes to the bottom their heart, or in this case the bottom of the ocean. While the men reach their peak of enjoyment they become careless. This is when the jealous servants strike! They try to pull their bosses into the deep waters and chain them to the ocean floor.

The sharks are lawyers, seeking revenge for those abused.

The man walking away are those that nearly lost it all. They've learned their lesson never to commit such a horrid act again.

The Merman on the pier is an informant sneaking up and pushing the boss into the water.