Dimensions: 28 " x 28 "
Medium: Acrylic on Table linen, Old Window frame used as frame


Entrepreneur Piñata - Completed on 10/22/12

'Entrepreneur Piñata' is directed at the bad people I've hired or partnered with.

Regardless if their work was done, completed correctly, on time, and/or as promised, their only concern was getting paid.

In this piece, my partner and I are treated as piñatas by our employees. They are beating us to a pulp to get as much as they can. And at any cost.

"It's not my fault", "I was tired", "I had to go to a party", "My computer died", "I didn't know if you needed it today", these are just a few of the bullshit reponses we've heard from selfish employees.

And to add insult to injury, we not only paid these assholes for their sloppy work but had to hire others to complete the mess they created.

Employees wonder why the boss is always mad, or that they can be fired at anytime. I've never had the feeling of being fired / let go. Maybe it's because I focused on getting my work done and keeping my promise.

Below lists some of the people that have let us down.

  • Michael White
  • David Chan
  • Julie Kim
  • Greg Gallant
  • Kellie Hagen
  • Chris Cassanello
  • John Roberts

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