Dimensions: 38 " x 27"
Medium: Acrylic on Table linen, Old Window frame used as frame

Ten years of dreamchasing - Completed on 4/10/97

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The original painting, titled 'Dreamchaser', was my first painting completed in New York City. It represents my dreams and aspirations to be a successful designer, artist, and inspirational person to friends and family.

After ten years of living in New York, I have achieved most of the goals I have set. Along the way, I have developed some new goals. Reasons for changing my goals: realized it wasn't for me, tried it and saw it wasn't for me, aging and realized I thought to small.

This painting shows how I caught the one big star I set my heart on. That was to be successful. Revolving around the our planet, I see all the new stars I want to chase. Look out world!