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Drawing Size: 11" x 14"
Medium: Pencil and Marker on white paper

No Pity for Lady Liberty - Completed on 2/22/12

Besides loosing our homes, morals, and minds, we have lost the one great thing our country stood for. Our liberty. The poor decisions from our leader's have led us into the direction of shame and misfortune. 'Get rich quick' and 'Who cares...' are the headlines of their messy thinking. We should have known better.

I personally feel, as a human being, we have lost our souls. Our relentless pursuit of convenience, power, ignorance, and success has obscured our visions. We are all to blame.

Our nation's (un)intended course of action has lead me to depict our Lady of Liberty as a topless dancer working at a trashy gentlemen's club. The men surrounding the table represent individuals we've given power to that are benefiting from our misfortunes.

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Dancer photos

Fake money depict those that have lead America and Lady Liberty to there demise