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Drawing Size: 8.5" x 11"
Medium: Pencil, Paint, and Marker on white paper

Place any burden on me - Completed on 9/08/12

The theme, 'Frenzy into Folly', resonated immediately with me. My mind raced to moments with those I've worked with in the creative / technology industry. My partner Yao-Hui Huang and I have come across so many next 'better than Facebook and MySpace combined' ideas we've grown callus.

My piece is a visual depiction of the feelings I've had as an entrepreneur. Starting from the head, my piece displays:

  1. The constant demand for awesomeness every second of the day,
  2. the ever-approaching deadline,
  3. to have faith and play the game of fame or bust,
  4. an emotional rollercoaster one encounters while doing business, and lastly,
  5. that I feel I am in a perpetual state of failure, both as a business man and a person.

This drawing encompasses all of my frenzies and follies.

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