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Drawing Size: 8.5" x 11"
Medium: Pencil, Paint, and Marker on white paper


Below the initial pencil sketches.

Forgive My Trespasses - Completed on 4/27/08

Created for the exhibit at St. Paul's Church 'Sacred Surveillance'.

'Forgive my trespasses' is a mixed medium of pencils, paints, and markers on white paper. "The theme 'Sacred Surveillance', to me, is God forever watching our every decision" said Joey Kilrain, artist and Creative Director, Gigapixel Creative. "This work speaks about my moments as a youth that contributed to my initial impressions on how to treat others. There were so many moments that could have been detrimental to my life path. Thankfully, God's watchful eyes prevented me from straying off my path as I learned the hard lessons of how karma works."


Listen to the interview with Megawatt regarding 'Forgive My Trespasses':