Joey Kilrain

UX & Visual Design

Ghostery's Tag Manager


Ghostery, Inc. is a global marketing technology company providing online transparency and control to individuals via a mobile browser and browser extension.

I truly loved working at Ghostery! Their products aligned with me both personally and politically. Plus their start-up environment allowed me to wear many hats! From UX to Visual Design, Product Design to Production, I covered all the bases needed to keep the products consistent.

Did I mention that I was their first design hire too? #heaven

The Challenge

Relying on vendors to deliver analytics, optimization, re-targeting, tag management, etc. is a complex issue. We saw this as an opportunity for Ghostery to help users manager their tags.

We realized that marketers needed a platform that housed all the tools needed to take the pain out of tagging. They wanted needed full control over how their tags fired and were defined. But developers and IT folks needed this too.

My Process

We saw an encouraging trend from our clients that were putting together teams to get a handle on this complexity. With their insight we mapped out a loose plan of attack.

"One key part of this process was identifying which partners they were using and deploying. Who can you count on to deliver your desired results? Which vendors can you rely on to perform at their best when you need it most?"


With usability at the forefront of our minds, we whiteboarded and sketched ideas based on what we heard what was needed and what we knew could be pushed. We designed our SaaS tag manager to make marketers, developers, and IT folks happy.

For example the Accounts & User Roles Share information with all the right people. Control permissions so only the IT team can publish changes. Triggers are just like custom tags, control when and how the tags fire, give them the data needed.

Furthermore the Integration & Templates Google Tag Manager we created supports Google and non-Google measurement and marketing tags – many with built-in templates. So a user could quickly adopt new marketing tools whenever needed. Automated Tag Management Customize your infrastructure with the full-featured Google Tag Manager API. Build your own tools and set better integrations to fit your existing workflow."


Yeah, yeah, I know this technical talk can be hard to follow. Instead why not experience what I did?

Experience it!