Joseph Kilrain - Fine / Graphic \ Martial Artist

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Selected Works in 2007

Selected Works in 2006

Paradise Lost, again

Mike's foot!!! / HELP!!!!!
Selected Works in 2005

When Will I Be Famous? / My Career #4

Paradise Lost / CEALLY!!!!

GOOO!! / My Career #3
Selected Works in 2004

The hardest decision of my life / Is this what will...

The Creative Process / Letting my freestyle...
Selected Works in 2003  

Looking back at my past (sometimes)

The Mean Friends

1J3 (13th and Johnson, South Philly)

The System

Hearts Broken / Dominic Minniti

Truthful Thoughts of December 23rd
Selected Works in 2002

The day after Ceally

Milton, you are so shallow

Selected Works in 2001  

Mike across the street / Vinny



My Big Head

The Divorce

I hate T Ball

Suck Them


Watch Your Back