DoubleVerify needed a fractional hands-on design leader to build out their DesignOps strategy.
I standardized their design system, aligning their products to ADA Compliance, and developing product enhancements.
Problem Statement
Develop a design process to align with their remote work culture to foster collaboration and unify the design thinking process.
Next, align product goals and business objectives with team capabilities and bandwidth.
Build a future-proof design system
Working closely with engineering, we addressed the technical debt and identified issues causing delivery delays.
Fully revamping the design system foundations from tokenization, component & patterns structure, and updating to WCAG standards.
Data Visualization
Integrating off-the-shelf data visualization apis without any customization is a bad idea. In doing so, the customer is disconnected from the brand and they're overwhelmed by the data.
Pictured, the original Sankey chart. It was not intuitive, engaging, or appealing - and lacked branding.
The Improved Data Visualization
Design Layouts & Data Visualizations
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  • 90% decrease in deployment delays and requests
  • 68% decrease in customer help related calls
  • 38% decrease in onboarding new customers and employees
  • 43% increase in global team collaboration
  • Increased CSAT score to 78% among existing customers
Client Feedback
"Working with Joey was a fun experience. He is committed to his work and produced high fidelity prototypes that were very valuable for the development process, but more important than that are his personal qualities. He's easy going, welcomes criticism and uses it to improve his work, adapts to shifting circumstances, and manages stress and tight deadlines without problems."
  • Manuel Rueda Iragorri
    Principal Engineer at Integral Ad Science
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