The Football Association, a.k.a. TheFA, is English football's governing body and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the amateur and professional game
It was my responsibility to unearth new opportunities and solve for their existing customer experience challenges.
As with any project, I started by identifying the user types.
Successful product development requires a harmonious blend of roles, flows, and functionalities.
We used a simple approach – posting sticky notes in our room to identify and understand various user types.
Improved User Experience with CSAT
Within two weeks, we interviewed 35 diverse user types, including parents, referees, and employees, to gather valuable feedback.
Their unanimous concern centered on Trust and Usability, making it the top priority for our efforts to enhance customer satisfaction (CSAT).
User-Centric Insights for MAU Growth
Customer feedback exposed usability challenges.
We dissected and merged this input with user feedback, providing stakeholders with crucial insights to drive changes aimed at boosting Monthly Active Users (MAU).
User-Centric Journey Mapping
Identifying user types, we crafted specific journey pain points to inform wireframing efforts.
These maps facilitated alignment between development and design, ensuring the realization of a seamless user experience.
Brand-Centered Design Direction
Helping lead their internal design team to strategically incorporated brand-related modules, utilizing images, fonts, colors, and WCAG to achieve a successful platform redesign maintaining a consistent brand presence throughout the product's pages.
  • Identified multiple new sources for customer & employee experience improvements
  • Reduced customer experience frustrations from 32% to 11%
  • Improved the referee experience in managing player and club interactions
  • Improved the NPS score from 19 to 32.
Client Feedback
"Joey is one of those rare people you encounter in life that will make you believe anything is possible. Joey's "can-do", roll up your sleeves and get it done attitude are the kind of nimble, creative attitude that is a game changer for business - both as a partner to the Marketing team, and his clients."
"No task or challenge is insurmountable within the deadline needed. His passion for design, coupled with his deep technical skills, make him an invaluable creative leader, adviser, teacher, mentor, partner and team member."
  • Karolina Kocalevski
    Digital Transformation at Orion Innovation
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