From 2017 through 2021, I was part of an ambitious cross-functional team to redesign KPMG's Global Audit experience.
As the Creative Director, I lead 23 multi-disciplined, multi-national designers across several different applications and growth initiatives, while building a scalable digital product.
Customer Research
Researched ~400 customers via forms, chats, and interviews then synthesized the feedback into customer journey maps to identify top areas for improvement.
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Design Workshops
I encouraged collaboration by empowering teams to ideate concepts using "jam-sessions" using whiteboards.
This resulted in less meetings and more informal collaborations.
Usability sessions measured the effectiveness of the prototypes. NPS scores 7 out of 10 would be discussed to identify which were achievable in less than six months.
Design System
Develop a customer- centered design system that covers all the bases.
We standardized and documented the design tokens, typography, icons, color palette, and UI components by the end of Q2.
The design system aligned WCAG standards, incorporated KPMG's corporate fonts and colors for brand consistency.
Design Layouts & Data Visualizations
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A curve ball is thrown at the design system
Roughly 9 months into the redesign, we were asked to include Hebrew into the product.
We adapted the system for character heights, alignments, and RTL/LTR compatibility.
  • 10% reduction in design-related bottlenecks
  • 44% increase in productivity
  • Overwhelming morale improvement amongst the design team &l related groups
  • Improved client confidence and expectations in work output
Client Feedback
"The few privileged years I worked with Joey was absolutely fantastic. In a cross-cultural / onsite / offshore model Joey was a tailor made fit."
"Not only was he a natural at UI/UX design, he's also a great leader. We were genuinely impressed to see how he and his team would tackle complex/unique UI/UX requirements to provide some of the best user experiences I have seen."
  • Vajra Samarasinghe
    Project Manager at KPMG
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